New England Patriots’ star tight end Rob Gronkowski broke his forearm in the team’s big win over the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday. As a result, ESPN reported that Gronkowski underwent surgery on Nov. 19 and will miss four to six weeks.

For what it’s worth, I predict the Patriots will go 11-5 this season. They may stumble out of the gate. They will finish the season strong, like they always do, with five straight wins (Indy, @Washington, @Denver, Miami, Buffalo). The Patriots have what it takes to make it to the Super Bowl. Baltimore is my only real concern in the AFC.

Rookies: The Patriots had a total of 12 picks in the 2010 draft. Their first round pick tight end Devin McCourty will probably see plenty of playing time. Second round pick will need to fill in the hole that has been left at the tight end position. Line backers Jermaine Cunningham and Brandon Spiked will also be on the field a lot on Sundays.

In a nutshell, the Patriots released a former third overall draft pick who started ten games last year plus a cornerback they drafted in the second round only three years earlier. In return, they got a backup linebacker coming off a serious knee injury who “can long snap” and a third-string tight end with a cool name.

Through eight games this season, Angerer and Greenway are tied for fifth in the National Football League in solo tackles with 46. In addition, Angerer is the league’s leading tackler with 90 if you throw in the 44 assisted tackles he has recorded. The next best tackler in the league in San Francisco’s Navorro Bowman and he only has 68.

If defenses can only learn how to contain Welker, the offense could become suffocated. It amazes me it hasn’t happened yet, but, as I mentioned, it appears the Patriots have adjusted the sort of routes Welker runs. An example would be the stop-spin-and-go route he ran early in the second quarter on a 21-yard gain to get the ball down to the one-yard line.

The noticeable difference in this game will be the absence of Randy Moss. Critics claimed Brady tried forcing too many passes to Moss in the second half of that game. It will be interesting to see how well this offense does now without Moss.

Brady was cheerleader websites stellar in the game completing of passes for yards three touchdowns and a quarterback rating of In addition to the victory, Brady’s scores moved him up to 19th on the all-time passing touchdown list, surpassing the great Steve Young.

Coby Fleener: The 2012 NFL draft was not a strong one for the tight end position. However, Coby Fleener has the size and speed to make plays down the seam and be a red zone presence. His blocking is suspect, but he becomes the new Dallas Clark for Indianapolis. What makes this selection even better is that Fleener already has chemistry with Luck from playing together at Stanford. Every quarterback needs a security blanket and Fleener can be this for Andrew Luck.

Perhaps Hernandez’s decline has to do with the sprained MCL he suffered in the second week of the season, which caused him to miss two games, but whatever the reason, he has a lot of work to do with the rest of the season to become valuable to the Patriots again.